1st Semester Polytechnic Notes, Book PDF, Study Material 2022

Handwritten Notes, Study Material and Books for 1st Semester Polytechnic. These notes are prepared by teachers and students of Jharkhand Polytechnic according to the Syllabus issued by Jharkhand University of Technology. These notes are also useful for Bihar Polytechnic, UP Polytechnic, West Bengal Polytechnic as there Syllabus are almost same.

In 1st Semester of 3 year Diploma, Students have to cover Branch Paper of their respective beaches. Syllabus of few common subjects like Engineering Mathematics, DLS are remain same of all branches. You can get the Syllabus of Jharkhand Polytechnic, Bihar Polytechnic, UP Polytechnic from the following table below.

Syllabus: 1st Semester Polytechnic

1st Semester Polytechnic Syllabus of all Branches is same. All the students of 1st & 2nd semester have to follow same subjects and Syllabus in Polytechnic.

You can Download the syllabus of Jharkhand & Bihar Polytechnic issued by JUT, Ranchi & SBTE, Bihar respectively.

1st Semester SyllabusDownload PDF
Jharkhand PolytechnicDownload
Bihar PolytechnicDownload
UP PolytechnicComing soon

Chemistry Book PDF | Nirali Chemistry Book

Chemistry Book for First Semester 3 yaer Diploma, Jharkhand Polytechnic. It contains all the chapters and based on Syllabus of Jharkhand Polytechnic issued by JUT.

Chemistry1 to 3Download [PDF]
Chemistry4 to 5Download [PDF]

Physics Book PDF | Nirali Physics Book

Physics book PDF of 1st Semester Polytechnic. You can download Nirali Physics book of 1st semester from the download button below.

Physics1 to 3Download [PDF]
Physics4Download [PDF]
Physics5Download [PDF]

Question Bank of Physics | Venus Publication Question Bank

Question bank of Physics for 1st Semester Jharkhand Polytechnic. You can download this question bank from the download button below. This question bank is published by Venus Publication.

Maths Book PDF| Nirali Maths Book

Maths is an important subject in Engineering. You can download 1st Semester Nirali Maths for Polytechnic. Nirali Publication is the leading Publication of 1st & 2nd Semester Polytechnic Books.

MathBionomialDownload [PDF]
MathCoordinate GeometryDownload [PDF]
MathLogarithmsDownload [PDF]
MathDeterminantsDownload [PDF]
MathMatricesDownload [PDF]
MathPartial FractionsDownload [PDF]
MathVectorsDownload [PDF]
MathTrigonometryDownload [PDF]

Mathematics Question Bank | Venus Publication Question Bank

Venus Question Bank of Mathematics for 1st Semester Jharkhand Polytechnic. It have also the Previous Year Question Paper of 1st Semester Mathematics.

Engineering Drawing PDF | ND Bhatt PDF Download

ND Bhatt is one of the best Book for Engineering Drawing. You can download ND Bhatt Engineering Drawing Book PDF from the download button below. In First Semester every Polytechnic student have to study Engineering Drawing no matter if you are in Civil, Mechanical or Computer Science Engineering.

Book NameAuthorDownload PDF
Engineering DrawingND BhattDownload [PDF]

Previous Year Paper of 1st Semester | Jharkhand Polytechnic

Previous Year Question Paper is very helpful for Students to predict and get idea of Question that generally asked in Examination. Download Previous Year Question Paper of 1st Semester Jharkhand Polytechnic from the download button below. Previous Year Question Paper of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Communication Skills of 1st Semester Jharkhand Polytechnic.

SubjectsYearDownload [PDF]
Communications Skills2018Download [PDF]
Chemistry2017Download [PDF]
Mathematics2018Download [PDF]
Physics 2018Download [PDF]
Physics2014Download [PDF]

Computer Fundamentals Question Bank |Venus Question Bank

Question bank of Computer Fundamentals of 1st Semester Polytechnic. This Question Bank is published by Venus Publication. Question bank are very effective for preparation of exams.

Disclaimer: All the Books and Questions are provided only for educational purposes. We neither scand nor own these Books, they were already present in the internet, we just collected them in one place just for convenience of 1st semester students of Polytechnic.

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