Best Hindi YouTube Channel to Learn Coding & Programming in 2022

At present time, there are thousands of YouTube Channels are available on YouTube that makes content and teaches Programming and Coding. Each one of them has its unique style of teaching.

But, In this post, we will suggest your Top 5 Best Hindi YouTube Channels to Learn Programming & Coding in India. These youtube channels are among those which explains Programming and Coding very well in the Hindi language.

Best YouTube Channel to Learn Programming in Hindi

Code With Harry

Youtube Channel: CodeWithHarry
Subscriber: 25.1 Lakhs

Harry teaches Programming & Coding in Hindi and has a variety of tutorials for many programming languages ranging from HTML, C, C++, JAVA, Python, Android Programming and other complex languages. This Channel is created on Apr 28, 2018, and you can learn both App & Web Development here. You will also get notes for all the lectures.

If you’re a beginner, then you can trust this guy and can put your time into his content. Trust me it’ll be definitely worth it for you.

WsCube Tech

Youtube Channel: WsCube Tech
Subscriber: 9.1 Lakhs

Although this channel has fewer subscribers than the other channels. But don’t underestimate this channel. The content of this channel is very good and high in quality. This channel is managed by Umar Tazkir.

In addition to offering high-quality courses, WsCube Tech is also a leading Web/ Mobile App and Digital Marketing company in India, trusted by top brands.

On this YouTube channel, you will find video courses and learn everything related to Digital Marketing, Web Development, App Development, Ethical Hacking, Graphic Designing, Python, Machine Learning and much more in Hindi.

Apna College

Youtube Channel: Apna College
Website: Apni Kaksha
Subscriber: 12 Lakhs

Apna college YouTube channel was started by Aman Bhaiya (Aman Dhattarwal) on Aug 5, 2020, where you can find your right college, career options, soft skills and will also help you learn to code.

You can learn JAVA+ DSA, C++ Full Course, Web Development Courses in Hindi. You will also get notes for all the lectures. Currently, the Apna College channel is led by Shradha Didi, who makes videos on coding and college placements and clears students doubts.

You will also find notes on OOPS, DBMS, Operating Systems, Computer Networking which will help you in your college placements. This is the best youtube channel to learn to programing in Hindi for college placements.

Anuj Bhaiya

Youtube Channel: Anuj Bhaiya
Subscriber: 2.5 Lakhs

Anuj Bhaiya is an Amazon Software Engineer and a self-taught programmer. He started this channel on Aug 11, 2020, to teach us all the things he has learned, things he wishes he had known sooner, and things to help you along the way.

Anuj Bhaiya in his Youtube Channel will teach you how to learn new languages, help you understand Data Structures and Algorithms, and develop your soft skills. His goal is to provide you with the best advice he can through tutorials so that you can crack the dream company you so deserve.

Currently, he has Full Java, Android Development and DSA Hindi Courses in his Channel. You will also get notes for all the topics.

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