JUT Online Examination Guide for Students |Online Exam Guide by JUT| How to use MyPlacement Perfectice

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Online Exam Guide by JUT for Students in My Placement Perfectice App and website. All the AICTE Engineering and Polytechnic College of Jharkhand affiliated to JUT are suggested to take internal test online through MyPerfectice App or placement.myperfectice.com.

Online Exam Guide by JUT

From our source, we get to know that some Internal test has already been taken in BIT Sindri through this Platform. Now it may also used to take test in Jharkhand Polytechnic Colleges.

About MyPerfectice App

MyPlacement Perfectice is an online platform for students to take the tests and teachers to create those tests. It provides students insight into their preparation and performance using advance data analysis.

Students can see their strength and weakness by subject and topics, compare themselves at national and international level, understand their improvement over a period of time, find test taking pattern, access wide variety of practice tests and get a clear picture on speed as well as accuracy.

Perfectice Platform is an AI based platform for self-studying, continuous assessment, recommend intervention and employability status enhancement of students.

This platform also connects to parents who can peek into the child’s performance and help them effectively.

Online Exam Guide by JUT | MyPlacement Perfectice

Online Exam Guide by JUT: This app/platform comes with a lots of features that fulfill the need of students as well as the teachers.

Hence in order to make it easy to understand each & features, Perfectice have created a guide for all the students. Once you are done reading this guide, you would be use it perfectly.

You can perform the following steps easily:

  • Logging into Platform
  • Able to take the Test

Now that you are all set to start your journey on MyPerfectice platform, the first question that would arise in your mind is “How to access the platform?”

Well let’s make it easier for you!! There are 2 ways to access the platform:

Note: MyPerfectice app is not available for IPhone users. Currently it is available for android user only. If you are having an Apple device, try logging in through website.

Online Exam Guide for Android by JUT

Full Guide by Jharkhand University of Technology for Online Examination in MyPerfectice android App. Refresh the page if Video is not loaded below.

Online Exam Guide for Website by JUT

Full Guide by Jharkhand University of Technology for Online Examination in MyPerfectice Website. Refresh the page if Video is not loaded below.

How to access your MyPlacement Perfectice Account?

  • Download MyPlacement Perfectice android App from Playstore or visit placement.myperfectice.com.
  • Logging into the Platform with your Email/Phone No./Registration No. and Password.

Now you have logged in successfully into the platform. Now in order to access the test, you need to go to the test section.

Steps to take test in MyPlacement Perfectice

Steps to take test: In order to take the test, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Click on the test name or click on the view option.
  • Allow the camera permission then refresh the browser. If your are using App give permission of Camera when asked after installation.
  • Click on the Take Test option which is on the left-hand side.
  • First Check Mark the I have read the instruction box & then click on I am ready to start & the test will start.
  • While doing the test, you can mark for review or mark for feedback on any question if you want in case.
  • After you complete all the questions, you can click on finish and submit the test.

Problem with MyPlacement Perfectice Android App

MyPlacement Perfectice Android app in Playstore

MyPlacement Perfectice have 677 reviews from Google user who have once tried this app. Most of the user rated it with single star. It have 2.2 average rating on Playstore and many reviews complaining about their features.

Most of the user found that it always crashes while using. They also reported that they get expelled out from test if they get call or notification in their smartphone.

You can visit Playstore to read full review of the app. Some of them are:

I hope you get to know all the information you want. You can ask your further queries in comment box below.

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