JEEDEC Previous Year Question (PYQ) Papers: BTech Working Professionals, Jadavpur University

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As a working professional aspiring to pursue a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree, you understand the significance of thorough preparation for the Joint Entrance Examination for Degree Evening Courses (JEEDEC). While juggling your professional commitments and academic endeavours can be challenging, utilizing JEEDEC’s previous year’s question papers (PYQs) can prove to be an invaluable tool in your preparation journey.

Name of ExamJEEDEC
Full Form of JEEDECJoint Entrance Examination for Degree Evening Courses
Type of ExamMCQs-based Entrance Exams
JEEDEC Previous Year Question Papers and Exam is for These Courses5 Years Programme for Bachelors Degree in Civil, Mechanical, & Electrical Engineering
Level of ExamUniversity Level
RegionWest Bengal

JEEDEC 2022 Question Paper

JEEDEC 2022 Question Paper Civil Engineering

JEEDEC 2020 Question Paper

The JEEDEC 2020 exam was not held due to the Pandemic.

JEEDEC 2018 Question Papers

JEEDEC 2017 Question Papers

JEEDEC PYQs Importance

JEEDEC PYQs offer a multitude of benefits for BTech working professionals:

  1. Understanding the Syllabus and Exam Pattern: PYQs provide insights into the JEEDEC syllabus, familiarizing you with the topics covered and their weightage. This understanding helps you tailor your study plan effectively.
  2. Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: PYQs allow you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to focus on areas that require additional attention. This targeted approach optimizes your preparation efforts.
  3. Practising under Time Pressure: JEEDEC is a time-bound exam, and PYQs provide an opportunity to practice answering questions within the allotted time limit. This exposure helps you develop time-management skills and exam-taking strategies.
  4. Boosting Confidence: Successfully solving PYQs instils a sense of confidence, motivating you to persevere in your preparation. This positive reinforcement can significantly impact your overall performance.

How to get JEEDEC PYQ

JEEDEC PYQs are readily available online, and you can access them through various sources:

  1. Official JEEDEC Website: The official JEEDEC website provides a repository of previous year’s question papers for download.
  2. Polytechnic Walle: Polytechnic Walle, your trusted educational resource, offers a comprehensive collection of JEEDEC PYQs for easy access.
  3. JEEDEC Preparation Books: Numerous JEEDEC preparation books incorporate previous year question papers along with solutions and explanations.

Effective Utilization of JEEDEC PYQs

To maximize the benefits of JEEDEC PYQs, follow these effective strategies:

  1. Schedule Dedicated Time for PYQs: Allocate specific time slots in your study plan for practising with JEEDEC PYQs.
  2. Start with Recent PYQs: Begin with the most recent JEEDEC PYQs to familiarize yourself with the current exam pattern and question format.
  3. Work at Your Pace: Tackle JEEDEC PYQs at a comfortable pace, ensuring thorough understanding and absorption of concepts.
  4. Embrace Mistakes as Learning Opportunities: Don’t be discouraged by mistakes; instead, view them as opportunities to identify areas for improvement.
  5. Seek Solutions and Explanations: Utilize available resources, such as solution manuals or online tutorials, to understand the correct answers and the reasoning behind them.

Additional Preparation Tips for BTech Working Professionals

Along with utilizing JEEDEC PYQs, incorporate these additional tips into your preparation strategy:

  1. Create a Structured Study Plan: Develop a detailed study plan that aligns with your available time and learning style.
  2. Establish a Dedicated Study Space: Choose a quiet and distraction-free environment for focused studying.
  3. Schedule Regular Breaks: Incorporate regular breaks into your study routine to prevent mental fatigue and maintain focus.
  4. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Prioritize a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise to enhance your cognitive functions.
  5. Manage Stress Levels: Employ stress-management techniques, such as meditation or yoga, to maintain a calm and productive mindset.


JEEDEC PYQs serve as a valuable resource for BTech working professionals seeking success in the JEEDEC exam. By effectively utilizing these question papers, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the exam, identify areas for improvement, practice under time pressure, and boost your confidence. Remember, consistent and focused preparation, coupled with a positive attitude, will pave your path to success in the JEEDEC exam and your BTech aspirations.

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