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Is Polytechnic Equivalent to 12th? Diploma Vs 12th

Is Polytechnic Equivalent to 12th? Diploma Vs 12th. The 3-year diploma/polytechnic course issued by an institution recognized by the Government shall be considered at par with a +2 certificate. Polytechnic is a technical course that offers 3-year diploma degrees in…

Diploma of Financial Services

Diploma in Financial Services: Overview Diploma in financial management course can be completed within in a year, it is a one year diploma course, Studying financial Management helps you to understand the financial statement and also understanding the system of…

Career as Civil Engineer in Diploma

About Civil Engineer Civil engineers plan, Survey, design, and supervise the construction of buildings infrastructures and facilities, civil engineers supervise such as dams, highways, big buildings, water supply system, tunnels, harbor offshore structures that are essential for human life, and…

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